I am a storyteller.

That's what "creative communications, writing and design" really means to me. Everywhere I have been and every job I have had has ultimately boiled down to that quality. Be it through a feature article, a wild photoshop project, a status update, a video or an impassioned discussion, I tell stories.

I have told the stories of a single moment or a long journey in an individual life, the triumphs and tribulations of a team, the spirit of an organization or the mission of a company. Good marketing and advertising is getting to the heart of a business or product and making a direct connection with the target audience. I observe life and am constantly amazed by my fellow human beings and the very unique experiences that shape them and passions that drive them. And I love to share their stories.

A note about Dara the person: The only thing I like better than laughing til I cry is making someone else laugh. I strive to be an inquisitive and generous person. The things I am the most passionate about are music and baking. Is there any way to combine those two things? Let me know if you have an idea. I have taught myself to play the guitar during the past few years and it is my chief creative outlet and solace. And baking from scratch is something that grounds me, connects me to generations of women who came before me, and lets me make something beautiful and tangible with my own two hands, which I love.

This website is an opportunity to share some of my personal and professional projects. Much of my professional work comes from the seven years I spent as a communications director for college athletics. The rest is from my work in non-profit development and communications/public relations for small businesses.